DELIVERY / by Carolyn Wright

[first published July 2015]

Dreaming of the Beanstalk.jpg

“Delivery”--That word is weighted with meanings.  We wait for a delivery by FedEx or Amazon; we speak euphemistically of a “special delivery” when we talk of a baby’s birth; we refer to being released from something negative, like a difficult relationship, as delivery.  In all these meanings, delivery is good, positive.

Yesterday, I got to make a delivery.  It was no exception to the rule of being good and positive.  I delivered a baby boy—that is, a commissioned portrait of a toddler child with bright golden hair and a beguiling smile.  Painting him was a delight-filled challenge; delivering the painting to his mother and seeing her delight was the culmination of a beautiful process.

I’m looking forward to many more deliveries like this one.