The Bestseller

The Bestseller

My children have taught me so much over the years.  This time, I’m following in my middle daughter’s footsteps and crowning myself Queen.

On the first morning of her final year in preschool, Gillian got to choose her “sign” for the year, a shape that would be written on all her papers and embellish her cubby bag and everything else for that school year.  She chose a crown.  When I picked her up that morning, the conversation went like this:

Me [enthusiastic mommy voice]: What sign did you choose?

Gillian [insouciant, offhand]: The crown.

Me: Oh--you wanted to be the princess!

Gillian [with a look of tolerant disdain and tone of great condescension worthy of a member of the nobility or a teenager]: Princess?! No! I’m the Queen.

Now it is my turn to be the Queen--Queen of Procrastination, that is.  

I have been working on re-doing my website for months now.  Which actually means my friend Jodi Kolker Ferrier did a great job of setting up the new site and populating it with some of my work, and that I have not been working on it, but only thinking about working on it.

Now, today, finally, I have put a number of hours into really beginning to get it back into shape.  I’ve re-posted a number of blogs, and now I’m actually writing a new blog post, which hasn’t happened A YEAR.

See?  I deserve that crown.

And the way I’m overcoming the procrastination is by following in that same daughter’s footsteps again, by heading out of the house to do the work.  She tended to head towards Starbucks; I’m finding my place at the local library.

As a way of thanking her for modeling good behavior to her mom, I’m posting this painting of her.