What's in a name... / by Carolyn Wright

Who knew?

Who knew people could have so many opinions about the title of an abstract painting?

A week ago, I posted a photo of an abstract that I had just finished; eager to share it, I hadn’t  settled on a title, so asked my friends and followers to suggest one.  Well, did they ever!  From macro view to micro, from the indefinite to the very specific, they came in.  Some people “saw” images, some felt reminded of a concept. 

Perhaps, knowing my work, a couple people saw flowers:  “Blue Blossoms”; “Blue Poppies” (and actually, there were blue flowers in the still life that inspired the painting).

The arts world at large influenced these titles: “Legato”; “Dancers”.

One person said she saw a cool map of Africa and Western Europe, which led to the following ideas: “Hands Across the Water”; “Bird’s Eye View”; “Pangea”.

Some folks were weather-focused: “Forecast”; “Nothing But Blue Skies Ahead”;“Cooling Down”; “Winter Thaw”.

And I suppose, once it has thawed, you can enjoy “A Day at the Park”.  

Perhaps, at the park, you might be relaxing and gazing up and see “A Calf in the Clouds”.  

And after the park, you could go home and watch “The 2018 Olympics”.

How to choose?  I actually tried stringing them all together, but the best I could do was “Blue Blossoms Dancing at a Day at the Park after a Winter Thaw that Cooled Down the Forecast so there were Nothing But Blue Skies Ahead with a Calf in the Clouds that you see with a Bird’s Eye View of Hands Across the Water”. Whew!

Actually, what I decided upon is none of the above.  The one I liked best, that was wonderfully enigmatic and allowed for almost as much speculation as the painting itself, was “Third Day”.  

Thanks for the title, Megan Greto!



Third Day.jpg