The Sibley Exhibit / by Carolyn Wright

Frequently these days, when I see friends here and there, they will ask “Where can I see your art?” Aside from “on my website”, or “in my house”, it is always great to be able to name a public space where they can visit.  

So I’m especially pleased to be able to say, for the next 8 weeks or so: “Sibley Hospital” in Washington, D.C. (

Having had the (dubious) privilege of spending plenty of time in excellent medical facilities over the years, dealing with family medical issues, I know from personal experience that having beautiful, original art in those spaces was incredibly helpful to me during stressful times. 

What a genuine privilege, then, to be able to return the favor by sharing my work with the patients, families and staff of Sibley.  

The 16 pieces are hanging in a corridor off the main cafeteria.  While there is nothing fancy or elegant about the corridor--it is not a gallery--how delightful it is that by hanging in this hallway, the art is accessible to all and highly visible.  No worries about whether people will see the work, the foot traffic is constant (remember, it’s right outside the cafeteria!).



Its location also makes it easier for me to explain to people (those who have no reason to be going to the Sibley cafeteria in the normal course of their lives) how to get there to see it, given that Sibley is a bit of a rabbit warren... 


If you come into the hospital by the main entrance, just ask at the information desk how to get to the cafeteria.  Then go through the cafeteria and out the end by the cashiers--that’s the hallway where the paintings hang.  Since Sibley is undergoing some significant construction, making your way there to see the paintings can be a bit of an adventure--but an adventure that, hopefully, you will find well worth the effort.

Exact date that the exhibit comes down is still being determined--it will be up until at least April 12, probably longer, but don’t delay!  Plan to see it soon!