Rejection Update / by Carolyn Wright

In case you’re wondering about how this whole rejection project is going, I thought I’d give an update on the results so far.

But before I hit you with actual numbers, a few notes about what I’m experiencing so far:

1.) It is very freeing to apply for art shows when you are anticipating rejection--it’s a total mind re-set! I don’t angst back and forth about whether or not to enter. If it’s within a reasonable distance, not too pricey to enter, and the dates are such that I can get art there and back, I’m doing it! I do have to angst a bit about which paintings to enter, but that’s coming along.

2.) I’ve had more success than I expected so far--you’ll see in the numbers below.

3.) Given #2, I need to be a little more prepared, framing-wise, with the pieces I enter.

4.) This project is getting kind of expensive, what with the cost of the show entries AND the framing (see #3). I just paid $125 yesterday to buy a frame for a piece going into the TART show--hopefully, it will sell!

5.) Even though my mind is set for rejection, and I’m making that a goal, it still stings a little to get rejected…

Ok, now on to the numbers!

# of Shows Entered as of 3/19: 8

# of Shows Heard From 5

Total # of Works of Art Entered 25

# of Works of Art Accepted as of 3/19: 6

# of Works of Art REJECTED as of 3/19: 9

A ways to go till I reach that goal of 100 rejections!

One other idea that may belong up in that numbered list: I can’t just rely on entering art shows in order to rack up my rejections. There aren’t enough of them around!

So I am actively thinking about other ways in which to get my art rejected, for instance, approaching interior designers to see whether they might use my work with their clients. And sending images to venues to suggest showing my work. It may be difficult to quantify those rejections (if I don’t get a response to an email, is that a rejection?), but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Next time I post about rejections, I’ll hopefully have more to report on that front.